Young Nigerian who started as a campus politician becomes influential grassroots mobilizer in Plateau State 

A young Nigerian man who started his political career as a student leader on campus has become the most influential grassroots organizer in Plateau State, Nigeria. 

Despite losing his father at the age of two, Cos Mafuyai, now 39, remained determined to achieve greatness. 

He studied the history of world revolutions and drew inspiration from famous leaders such as General Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln. 

After starting his undergraduate studies in 2005, Mafuyai held several elected positions in the student union, leaving behind an impressive record in the University’s history. 

He graduated in 2010 and began working as an Administrative Officer at the Federal College of Forestry in Jos. During the same period, he started learning from experienced politicians including a former Chairman of the Bokkos county, Monday Kassa. 

In 2022, he was appointed as the youth leader for the central zone in Plateau State for the Peoples Democratic Party’s 2023 campaign organization. 

During the 2023 general elections, he used his impressive lobbying and persuasive skills to lead the party to victory in his zone. 

Despite his success, Mafuyai remains humble, respectful, and loyal to his colleagues in the party, as well as his friends and relatives who belong to other political parties.

“I do not ascribe any of the victories to myself,” said the self-acclaimed grassroots mobilizer. “As such, I do not expect to be given any special recognition for anything I have done for my party,” he said, speaking in an interview.

“I am excited for my party but at the same time afraid of it failing because all those who accepted to join me and vote for the party did so because they believed I was leading them aright,” he added.

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