December 2, 2022

Your Politicking Must be Spiritual- COCIN Youth Coordinator urges Youth

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the COCIN Youth Coordinator, Rev. Amos Dammo has urged the Church youths to be different in their politicking as salt and light of the world.

The Coordinator was speaking to the Light Bearer in his office at the headquarters of the Church in Jos, the Plateau State Capital.

He said the true Nigeria the citizens are yearning for is possible only when the people, especially the youths change their attitudes. He is optimistic that if the electorates change, the leaders must also change.

“If the people you are going to lead at the grassroots are changed, then you who is coming to lead them must change also. So the change is not going to start with the President, Governor down to the Councillors, the true change must start with us at the grassroots” he said.

Rev. Dammo cautioned the Christian Youth especially of the Church that as their leader, he will not want to hear that any of them is being used by any politician or political party to cause violence or any form of election malpractices.

He said the youth office has taken a stand ahead of the next year elections and are mobilizing the youths to participate actively and work towards actualizing only candidates that will ensure good governance.

“We are going to do politics with every sense of responsibility.We are going to maintain our faith, our integrity, our value, our destiny to secure the future,” added the Youth Coordinator.

Rev. Dammo made it clear that despite the political differences among the COCIN youths, as some of them belong to different political parties like the ruling APC, the opposition PDP, LP and others, their hearts is focused especially on the presidential election because they have resolved on who to vote.

He said for Governorship and other elections in states, they have asked the youths to be focused and responsible in the party or Candidate they are supporting.

The COCIN Youth Coordinator pray God to help the nation get it right by choosing leaders after God’s heart in next year’s election. He said a leader that will alleviate the sufferings the people are currently facing and the insecurity as a result of bad leadership.